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Shenzhen in the 1990s.


This road is called Shennan road. Mr. Cheung rides 30 kilometers on this road every day to deliver business cards to his clients.

Photograph of our plant


Introducing the process of foil stamping to the students in the major of printing.

We understand the importance of talents to a enterprise. Therefore, we have built a partnership with several universities in terms of the recruitment of talents from relevant majors. Also, Sunvandar insist on organizing trainning programmes and team building activities regularly in order to enhance the speciality and happiness of our employees.

Based on advanced facility we had, professional printing solutions we adhered to, and core value we insisted, Sunvandar have gained trust from many well-known brands, such as Imago Group and Leo Paper Group. Benefited from their resources, we got the chances to print the jobs for many outstanding brands and publishers, including Sephora, RRD, Bloomsbury Publishing and Oxford University Press.


Our capacities, quality and services are highly admired in the industry. By learning and accumulating their knowledge and experiences, we are confident to coordinate closely with the needs of our own customers, provide them with professional assistance and handle their orders with care.


Take a look at our product gallery to see the products we have made for our clients and feel free to send us your enquiry to find out what we can do to participate in your own projects. 

Sunvandar is a family-owned printing company based in Shenzhen, China. The founder Mr. Cheung Ming is a seasoned expert in the printing industry. He embarked on his printing journey in the early 1990s, witnessing the industry's prosperity and evolution. His passion and pursuit started with helping people design business cards. He saw the opportunity in printing industry and decided to establish a small printing studio in 1998.


With growing needs of printed materials, Sunvandar was formally established in 2003. Mr. Cheung began to further invest in advanced equipment to mainly produce exquisite, brochures, books and paper packaging. Throughout decades, we continuously innovated, accumulating rich experience, and passing down the art of printing. We have journeyed through the industry's transformations, standing out with relentless dedication and exceptional quality.

Today, the company has experienced remarkable growth and expansion. With a workforce of 116 dedicated staff members, they have established themselves as a major player in the industry. Our operations now span an impressive area of over 110,000 ft², housing a four-story factory. Our annual sales have surpassed eight million USD. We believe this impressive achievement is the result of our relentless pursuit of perfection and our ability to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.

With the development of business, Sunvandar keeps in mind to enhance the productivity, quality standard and value of a printed product. We pay attention to machine maintenance and update. We use world-leading Heidelberg printing presses, which were imported from Europe. From visual inspection to the more scientific quality check, we brought in the equipment such as pressSIGN Color Management System to keep improving our quality standard. We don't just want to be a printing company, we want it to be a place where printing can be elevated to art. So we learned techniques like 3D foiling and UV processes and applied them onto a printed item. Our works resemble exquisite artworks, each bearing the mark of exceptional craftsmanship and creativity.


Overall, we aim to offer our clients a one-stop and valuable service, comfortable and exclusive experience. We have pursued that vision from day one - and we always will.