300 copies/pieces.
Many Chinese printers set their MOQ at 500 copies/pieces or even 1,000. In fact, this is reasonable. Sometimes, the cost to print in China wouldn’t be cheaper compared to print with your local print houses because there is a shipping cost for international orders. Many printing companies in China have conducted relevant research on how many quantities are needed as a starting point to offer customers a price that is more competitive compared to local printing. Their final answers are 500 or 1,000. However, not sure if their prices are higher than us, the answer for us is 300 copies/pieces. When the order quantity hits 300, we should be able to offer you a cheaper overall cost than your local printers. Certainly, the more you order, the more saving you get. Accordingly, printing in China can help you save 20% to 45% cost.
What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
Can I print all kind of books in China?
Certain topics are restricted from being printed in China due to legal regulations. These include:
1. Explicit or adult topics (content including nudity throughout the book)
2. Religious topics (Books featuring religious themes or messages written in a language commonly spoken in China that could potentially seek to convert or influence Chinese readers. However, for a Bible story book that may be written in English, French or some other languages that in most cases would not be a problem)
3. Political topics (mentions of sensitive areas or regions for China or points that may appear to be critical against the government)
4. Pirated topics (books with plagiaristic content)
What degree of printing quality can I expect for my projects?
One might assume that receiving a fantastic price for book printing in China means compromising on quality. However, in reality, when printing with us, you can often expect an equally good, or even better quality compared to your local printers. This is because we are using the same equipment, such as Heidelberg offset presses, they were imported from Europe. 
What level of communication quality can I expect?
Due to language concerns, you may worry about communication barriers leading to issues with the project. However, please rest assured because our customer service team consists of graduates from renowned universities with degrees in Business English or International Trade. Furthermore, our client base includes some very large printing companies, such as Imago Group and Leo Paper Group, and English is our working language. After many years of communication and learning from them, we have acquired all the professional terminology and knowledge. We can confidently say that we have the capability to offer friendly and professional communication to our clients!
Do I need to add statement of origin in copyright page?
To print your books in China, it is required to have the words “printed in China” on the copyright page of your book. According to the international copy right laws, the words “printed in China” needs to be in the same size type as the address of the publishers. 
How can I make the payment?
Some people may be concerned that making a bank transfer to a mainland Chinese bank account can be challenging due to various constraints on international transfers. To address this, we have opened a corporate bank account in Hong Kong to facilitate receiving customer payments. You can easily make wire transfers through your online banking or local branch by inputting our company name, bank name, address, account number, and SWIFT code. The entire process is convenient, fast, and secure.