Press check

Press check is a crucial quality control step at the phase of press. It involves physically inspecting and approving a series of printed sheets as they come off the printing press. The purpose of a press check is to ensure that the printed materials meet the desired quality standards and accurately match the approved proof.
Not to worry if you have not requested a hard proof from us, our printing presses are equipped with pressSIGN Color Management system, which will automatically scan the color bars on press sheets to show a score to indicate if each color has reached the standard.
Except the important role of equipment, pressmen are extremely critical as well. Our printing presses are both opreated by a team of three experienced pressmen. We make sure one of them has over 10 years' experience in operation of printing presses. 
Overall, color accuracy and quality is our top priority and also our unbeatable strength! 
(pressSIGN Color Management System)