Now that production is complete, we are beginning to prepare for the shipment of your products. However, before that, we would like to introduce our packing process to you.
Generally, our packing can be categorized into two types:
1) When the total number of cartons is less than 20 and the volume is less than 1 cubic meter, we typically do not use pallets unless otherwise requested.
2) When the total number of cartons exceeds 20 or the volume exceeds 1 cubic meter, we will automatically palletize your cargo.
Here are our packing standards:
Cartons are double-walled export cartons. Pallets are double-sided open green pallet. Pallets are constructed of new hardwood fumigated (per ISPM-15 standards) GMA 4- way pallets. No particle board will be used. Cartons on pallets are stacked with an interlocking pattern. Cartons will not overlap edge of pallets as this may cause damage. Top of pallet to be protected with wood pallet topper to increase stacking strength and stability. Pallets are banded and shrink-wrapped to prevent in-transit shifting. 4 corner protectors are used to increase the stability and avoid damages from crashing.
(A photo reference of our palletized cargo)
(Products are kraft-wrapped before put in the carton)