Shipping options

Air freight is the quickest shipping option we provide, but it is also the most expensive. Your project can be delivered from China to your door in approximately one week using this method. For all hard copy proofs, we will use air freight/courier to make sure they are delivered in a week.
Sea freight is typically used for bulk shipment. It normally takes 2-3 weeks for your project to be delivered from China to Southeast Asia countries, 4-6 weeks to deliver to other countries, such as countries in North America and Europe. It's important to note that the timing for sea shipments cannot be guaranteed, as they must navigate a thorough customs process during both the import and export phases. Sometimes, a bad weather on the sea could affect the lead time as well.
This option is provided for European countries only. The turnaround time of railway is almost the same as sea freight, sometimes railway is even faster. 
If you require a portion of your project to be expedited for faster delivery while still looking to save on overall costs, you can opt for our partial expediting option. This means that a part of your project will be shipped via air freight, while the remainder will be delivered through ocean freight, allowing you to strike a balance between speed and cost-efficiency.
Important notes:
The arrival of your sea or railway shipment can occur before, during, or after the estimated timeframe initially provided. Shipping time is subject to variation due to factors such as weather conditions, port and vessel capacity, labor fluctuations, customs clearance, and other variables. For added caution, we suggest allowing for an extra week beyond your expected delivery date to accommodate the numerous unforeseen events that can arise during international ocean shipping. This ensures a safer margin for your delivery timeline.