Proofing at stages

We conclude two ways of proofing method on our own, which are flexible proofing and proofing at stages.
Flexible proofing is more to have us internally check the processes and quality. If you ordered a proof from us, we will keep a set with us as a quality reference in actual production. If PDF proof is the only thing you have, there is nothing to worry about, our QC team can be a safe pair of hands and we guarantee the product quality is our top priority. Before the shipment, you will also get some photos and videos of how your products finally look like.
Flexible proofing should be the most appropriate way for most of the people because it is fast, cost-saving and safe.
Of course this might still sound insecure for some people as they might be 8,000 miles far from us. So proofing at stages method was created. In fact, it is commonly used for some huge printing companies.
This method is to have the printing companies to send the proofs to the client after every key production stage. The whole procedures are generally as below:
Request dummy, ozalid or digitally printed proofs
Client approved, proceed with actual printing
Printing complete, send out the F&Gs (Folded and gathered signatures)
Client approved, proceed with binding
Binding complete, send out the advance copies
Client approved, proceed with packing and shipment
Based on this proofing way, you can keep an eye on production of your books and monitor the quality on your own. However, this method requires extra spending on courier and lead time. 
Spot check by QC