Specialty paper

Except common gloss art paper, matte art paper, and woodfree paper, there is another category called specialty paper.
There are a number of different specialty paper types, each characterized by its unique and tailored features, such as special textures or coatings. They are high end, fine paper that can be used for getting a unique print outcome or touch.
However, specialty paper is relatively more costly than normal paper. If this might be a choice for you, it would be good to consider using our domestic specialty paper as this would largely save the cost and production time. We do have some distributors who mainly imported paper from other countries but the cost could be a shock. A solution can be - you advise the brand and model of the paper, we get a sample of this particular paper and find the closest swatch in our market.
Below are some specialty paper that we often use for packaging and books.
Imitation paper (leather-like paper) - well suited for the books or packaging that need a classic look:
Arlin paper – cloth texture with smooth touch. Suitable for the cover of a casebound book and also an elegant packaging:
Super reflection paper – light coating, offering a rich level of color rendering, especially for the realistic reproduction of images. Perfect paper to use for high-end catalogues printing, art books printing and photography books printing: